Web Apps

Web application can be an impressive support for your business, it is a node, which is available from any place all over the world. It is very important to make a website which is easy to maintain with ability to scale, with good performance to perform tasks of any kind you need.

We provide building Microsoft-based web applications with using the latest advances in Web technologies. We provide cost-effective innovative solutions corresponding to your needs.

API Services

API services are designed for building high-loaded systems, and can be applied in corporative high-performance complex solutions.

We offer two major types of Web services:

REST-compliant Web services, the most common solution which meets the needs of most customers.

Arbitrary Web services which can supply more specific target solutions

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for handheld devices, which can permit users to interact with your solutions with higher mobility and comfort.

Mobile apps are changing the world, and we help our customers to use different applications at any mobile devices comfortably.

Apps have changed our possibilities, the ways we learn, work, and communicate. Mobile apps open up the ability to stay in touch with digital world

Vimbat provides building advanced mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.


We provide high-quality support for the project through testing and debugging it before launch.

Our professional software testers can quickly identify and prioritise bugs in your software, on any device or browser. You can be sure that application will be tested thoroughly for all the possible vulnerabilities. Our team provides the most effective solutions. We can help you to make the application bug-free in the most efficient way.


Create a custom design for your site. Our designers, taking into account all your requirements and wishes, will be able to find the best solution.

We design and develop web and users experiences for all screens. We partner with clients to create better work for bigger results. We aim to create memorable experiences.

In all the progects we follow this steps: working closely with a clients and designing with love!

Development Process

Sketching Planning Design Design Development Development Testing Testing Launch! Launch

We provide high-quality support for the project through testing and debugging it before launch.

Sketching is the most important phase wich is essential for most businesses and organizations. Good web project don't happen by accident. A good plan is always half way to succeed.

The choice of technology used to code a project depends heavily on the functionality required for any possible future development needs.

When the project is almost ready for the public to see, it’s time for testing. We are sure that the success of a testing project depends on a well written test plan. Reasonable testing plan helps to reduce the chance of being hit by expensive unexpected surprises later.

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